Bank document does not have all the details

We'll need a bank document that has your name, account number and IFSC mentioned on it. If your bank document does not has any of these details, try these options: 

1. Check if your cheque leaf has your name printed on it. The other two details will mostly be there. If the cheque leaf has your name on it, just upload that. 

2. If your cheque does not have your name printed, try downloading a detailed statement from your netbanking portal. The account statements generally have all these 3 details.

3. If your cheque has account number and IFSC but no name, but your account statement has your name and account number, then you can send us both the documents to and we'll use both the documents combined to verify your bank details. 

Both the documents should have atleast your account number in common. 

4. If nothing works, you can take a screenshot of the mobile banking or netbanking screen which shows all the three details. 

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