Change SIP date

Would you like to change your monthly SIP date to a more convenient one? Here's how to do it:

Steps to change SIP date on Goalwise app: 

Click on the Dashboard --> Goal in which you have SIP running --> Three dots on the bottom right --> SIP Center --> SIP Actions --> Change SIP date. 

Please note that you would be able to setup an SIP from your dashboard up to 1 day prior to the scheduled SIP start date. For example, if the scheduled SIP start date is January 7, you can setup the SIP till midnight on January 6.

We will send you the payment link for your SIP every day starting 3 days before the SIP date. You can login to your Goalwise account through this link and make the SIP payment via Netbanking. The payment link will be valid till 12PM (12 Noon) on the SIP date.

For example, if the scheduled SIP date is January 7, you would receive the payment link every day in the morning from January 4 till January 7. 

If let's say today is January 6, and you have selected the SIP date as January 7, then you will receive the payment link in the morning of January 7 and the link will expire at 12 noon on January 7. 


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