Choose your own funds

Looking to invest in a particular fund that's not in our recommendations? Or perhaps you don't like our recommendations at all?

Here's how you can choose your own funds for SIP while investing with Goalwise:

Here's how you can choose your own funds for lumpsum while investing with Goalwise:

Steps for choosing your own funds on Goalwise app

Click on Dashboard --> Goal in which you want to invest --> Invest --> Other Options --> Custom Funds. 

In Emergency Fund goal, you'll be able to add only Liquid funds. In Tax Save goal, you'll be able to add only ELSS funds and in Smarter Savings goal you'll be able to add only Debt and Liquid funds. 
This is something that we wouldn’t recommend unless you know exactly what you are doing. For most people, investing in the recommended funds according to their risk profile is the best strategy.

At Goalwise, we have spent a lot of time and expertise in building a Mutual Funds selection strategy that has shown good results. We also keeps updating the selections annually (according to the algorithm) to make sure that you are invested in the best Mutual Funds according to your goals and risk profile.

You can read more about our Mutual Fund selection strategy and its back-test here.

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