Dashboard update with investment

Every time you make an investment, it takes upto 3 business days for it to get updated on your dashboard. 

In case of SIPs, it will take upto 3 business days after the SIP date for the investments to reflect on your dashboard irrespective of when you made the payment. 

For example your SIP date is 5th of every month, and you get the payment reminder on 3rd of every month. You made the payment on 3rd, but the investments will be processed by the MF companies on 5th itself. It'll then take upto 3 business days from 5th for the investments to reflect on your dashboard. Exclude Saturdays and Sundays and then calculate these 3 business days. 

It takes this much time to update your dashboard as we wait for the MF companies to send us the confirmation of the NAV, units allotted, folio number etc. They may send you this confirmation sooner than us.

The dashboard update does not affect the allotment of NAV.

In case of Lumpsum investments, if the investment is made after the cut off time of 12 PM for Liquid funds and 1 PM for non liquid funds, then the investment will be processed on the next business day and the dashboard will be updated in upto 3 business days from that day. 

If in the off chance it is taking longer than 3 business days, we will inform you over email about the delay. Though this happens very rarely. 


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