Lumpsum/One-time investment

Once your Goalwise account has been activated, you can make lumpsum investments towards your goals at any time.

A lot of users have asked us how exactly they can go about doing that. So we put together a short video that guides you from your Dashboard all the way to the Payment page.

Steps to make a one time investment on Goalwise app:

Click on Dashboard --> Goal you want to invest in --> Invest --> Invest Lumpsum

Also, here are 5 things to keep in mind while making a lumpsum (one-time) investment on Goalwise:

  • Minimum investment amount for lumpsum investments is Rs. 1,000.
  • Fund allocation might be different from SIPs, especially for smaller investments (< Rs. 10,000), because Mutual Fund investment minimums are generally higher for lumpsum than for SIP.
  • Cut off time for transactions to get the same day's NAV is generally 1 PM (12PM for liquid funds under Emergency Fund goal). Transactions done after 1 PM (12PM for liquid funds) would be executed the next business day with next business day's NAV.
  • Mode of payment can be either netbanking or NACH (if your NACH is registered with us).
  • Investment will reflect on the dashboard in up to 3 business days after investing.

You can read more about the money movement from your bank account to the Mutual Funds here.

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