Importing your external investments to Niyo Money is very easy. You can do it in just a few steps.

Step 1: Go to the external tracking page (this is called "Import Mutual Funds" on the App)

Website: Top Left Menu > Track External Funds

App: Home page → Menu (bottom right) → Mutual Funds →  Import Mutual Funds. 

Step 2: You need to generate a consolidated statement (which will have details of all your investments). This statement needs to be generated for the email id with which all your external investments are linked (the screenshot below explains the process briefly)

Step 3: We prefill your details to help you generate the statement. We help generate a detailed statement from 1st Jan 1990 onward to ensure that all your investments can be covered. You can change the email id and even generate the statement multiple times (max upto 10 times a day as per new CAMS restrictions). The password prefilled is "Niyo123). Our system is programmed to be able to read this.

Step 4: You should ideally receive the statement on the respective email id within 2 hours. Once you receive it, please forward that to Within minutes, you will be able to see your external investments reflect on Niyo Money (on the external tracking page).

Step 5: If you wish to move these external funds to some goals, you can click on the "Move Funds to Goals" option on the external tracking page. This page will show you a checklist next to each external fund. You can select the funds and select which goal/goals you want to move them to. 

While moving funds, you will also get an option to switch your regular mutual funds to commission-free direct mutual funds.

Once moved to goals, you can start transacting in them. 

(Moving them is just an option, and it's your choice whether you just want to track it externally or within goals).