If your goals are not eligible for portfolio rebalancing yet, it can be because of any of the reasons mentioned below:

  1. You don’t have any old or non-recommended mutual funds (you are invested in our recommended funds).

  2. If you have old//non recommended funds, it may be that they are not free of exit load charges & STCG taxes yet. 

  3. The exit load free amount in your goals is below Rs. 10,000. (the minimum required is Rs. 10,000).

  4. You don’t have an auto-debit (NACH/e-mandate) set up. You can read why it’s needed, here.

  5. Your investments could be under a lock-in period (ELSS funds for example have a 3-year lock-in).

If your goals are eligible for rebalancing but certain folios are not, it may be because of either of the reasons mentioned in this FAQ.

We also have YouTube videos available for all the common FAQs on SIP and Portfolio Rebalancing. This will hopefully make it simple to understand the entire process and help clarify any doubts that you may have.