This can happen in some cases due to network failure at the bank end. Usually what happens in such cases is that the bank debits your account, but due to network issues at the time of making the transfer, the money gets stuck at the bank's end.

In such cases, the money is general auto refunded to you in up to 7-10 business days by the bank. There's no action to be taken from you or from us. 

If you have additional money, then you can make the payment again after some time. 

It might also happen that the payment confirmation is received 1 or 2 days later. In such cases, we check whether your SIP date has passed or if you have made another payment. If you have already made another payment, then we ask the Payment partner (who informs the bank) to refund the amount. If there has been no payment and this payment can be forwarded to the Mutual Fund companies, we do the needful and send you the payment confirmation. Otherwise, you get a refund as per the schedule.