No you cannot renew/purchase the same policy through us. You can however stop the existing policy and purchase a fresh one through us.

However, please note that if your health has deteriorated after the purchase of your existing life insurance policy then it is better not to stop/surrender it. This is because you might have to undergo a fresh medical assessment and the new policy’s premium may turn out to be higher based on that.

Even when not much has changed, there is a chance that the premium may be higher because of age etc.

So, the best way to go about this would be to first apply for the new policy via us without cancelling your existing one. If the premium turns out to be higher (either during the application or after the medical test) then you can just reject the policy and any starting premium amount paid (minus medical test’s expenses) will be refunded to you.

If the premium amount is about the same, then you can stop the previous policy once the new policy has been issued.