Each time you invest through Niyo Money, you will either receive an email confirmation from Niyo Money on the same day that you initiate the transaction (for one-time investments), or an SMS alert 3 calendar days prior (for SIP investments).

You will also receive a confirmation email from the individual Mutual Fund that your transaction request has been received, usually within 2 business days of initiating the transaction.

Within 5 business days of the execution of the transaction, the Mutual Fund will send you an account summary, which will list how many units of the fund you already hold, and how many you purchased or redeemed in your most recent transaction.

In addition to keeping track of your investments through your Niyo Money dashboard and transaction center, Niyo Money will also send you periodic statements of your accounts.

On top of that, there is an electronic Consolidated Account Statement (eCAS) of all Mutual Funds that is generated every month in which you conduct a transaction with a Mutual Fund and is automatically sent to your registered email address. In case you don’t conduct a transaction for some time, the eCAS will still be generated half-yearly, and will be sent to you in April and October.

So there are multiple, independent channels for you to keep track of your investments.