Website: Top left menu (3 lines on top left) > Service Center > Add Secondary Bank A/c. 

AppHome page → Menu (bottom right) → Mutual Funds →  Service Center →  Add Secondary Bank A/c. 

Enter the secondary bank details and submit the request. We will verify the details and update your dashboard. 

In order to make the secondary account your default payment option, please follow these steps:


Click on the Top Right Profile Icon > My Account > Payment Settings.


Home page → Menu (bottom right) → Mutual Funds →  Payment Settings.

Here you can choose which bank account you want to use as default, for your payments. (Refer screenshot).

Important notes:

1. Secondary bank accounts are only available for net banking and UPI payments. NACH can only be registered with the Primary Bank Account.

2. All redemptions will come to the primary account irrespective of the bank account the payment was made from.
3. If you already have a NACH registered with the primary bank account, that will always be the default payment method for SIPs. In such a case Secondary Banks can only be used for lumpsum investments.

If you wish to change your primary registered bank account, refer to this FAQ