We have 4 types of reports available on Niyo Money. They can each be downloaded by following these simple steps:


Top Left Menu (3 lines on top) > Reports


Home page → Menu (bottom right) → Mutual Funds →  Download Reports.

Note: If you have not invested in Stocks & ETFs, then you will be on the Mutual Funds page by default.

1. Account Summary Report

We show you a summary of all your current investments - which goals they are in, their folio number, number of units available, latest available NAV, current gains and losses, gains or losses already withdrawn, etc.

2. Transactions Report

We show you all the details of every transaction that you've made, such as Buy/Sell date, whether it was a SIP/Lumpsum, NAV at which you bought/sold, current NAV, number of units, any charges levied, etc.

3. Capital Gains Report

We show you how much short term capital gain/loss and long term capital gain/loss has been made on all the sell transactions/withdrawals. It comprises all the details you may need to help file taxes.

4. Tax Save Report

This is a report/proof of all the investments that you have made in tax saving mutual funds (ELSS funds) that can be used to claim tax benefits (deduction under section 80C).