The documents needed depend on your KYC status.

If you are already KYC compliant we just need your specimen signature to open your investing account with us.

If you are not KYC compliant, the list is a bit longer (we will raise the KYC for you if you are a Resident Indian). In this case, you will need to submit:

  • PAN card (original).

  • Proof of permanent address (original).

    To be taken via webcam - 

  • a photo with your face clearly visible.

  • Specimen signature on a piece of paper (original) (signature can also be uploaded or made on-screen on the app).

  • 5-second video where you speak out the given OTP (the OTP will be shown on the verification page on your account itself) to complete the In-person verification.

I'm afraid we currently don't have an option to raise the KYC for NRIs from our platform, as online KYC is no longer allowed for NRIs.