Yes, you can. To do this, you can:

A. Set up and activate the guardian's Niyo Money account.

B. Set up an alternate Niyo Money account for the minor with an alternate email ID (or minor's email Id) and a mobile number. You can use the same mobile number as yours. 

C. Once signed up for the minor, drop us an email request (to to activate the minor account, with the following details and documents: 

1. Email Ids of the guardian and minor accounts. 

2. Bank account document of the minor (cancelled cheque/bank statement/passbook copy with the minor's name, account number, and branch address/IFSC). A joint account with the registered guardian would also work  (where the minor name shows in NEFT/IMPS transactions).

3. Proof of Date of Birth of the minor like birth certificate, passport, Aadhaar, etc. 

4. PAN Card in the name of the minor - If the minor’s PAN is not available, a copy of your (guardian’s) PAN card (in the absence of a minor’s PAN, it’s mandatory to update the guardian’s PAN on the minor's behalf).  

5. Proof of relationship with the guardian like passport, birth certificate, etc.

Once we have the documents and details, we will do the needful in 2 business days and get back to you once it's done.