Step 1. Sign up on Niyo Money using your email address and mobile number.

Please note that the mobile number should be an Indian number to proceed (as per new regulations, we need to verify it using OTP).

Step 2. Verify the email address by entering the OTP you receive on your registered email address. 

Step 3. Fill up the Registration form with the basic details - such as PAN, Nominee details, Bank details, etc. 

Step 4. Upload the required documents. Based on your KYC status, the system will show you the required list of documents. If your KYC is not done, we'll register it for you (if you are a Resident Indian) once we have the documents from your side. 

KYC is a pre-requisite for Mutual Fund investments but you don't have to wait for it to get registered to start investing. Regulations allow investments even while the KYC is in progress. 

Step 5. Add goals and start investing!


If you are an NRI, I'm afraid you won't be able to set up an account with us. We currently don't have the option to onboard new NRI investors (based on the latest SEBI regulatory requirements)