Risk profile denotes how much risk one should ideally be taking in their investments considering all the factors like one's financial situation, need to take risks, and attitude towards gains and losses.

If you have taken our risk profile questionnaire (can be taken via the dashboard menu) then the result of that assessment will be shown here. If you haven’t taken the risk profile assessment yet, we recommend doing this asap.

Once you have taken the risk profile, that result will be used as the default risk setting in the goals that you add (except goals with a fixed risk profile like an emergency fund, smarter savings, and tax save).

You can read further on risk profiling and its significance on our blog here - what is risk profile is and how it’s measured.

Please note: As per the recent guidelines from SEBI, it's now mandatory for you to take the risk profile assessment, for us to provide you any kind of advisory (show our recommended funds, asset allocation, etc).