How to select which goal to invest in:

You can select the goal that best aligns with the purpose of your investment. It can be for your Retirement or for your Child's education or a short-term goal like a Vacation or any luxury purchase. If you don't have any specific purpose in mind you can invest in Wealth (for the long term) or Smarter Savings goal (for the short term).


You can check out all the goals that we offer here and then choose the one that is most suitable for you based on your purpose.

How to add a goal to your dashboard:

Once you have identified the goal you want to invest in, you need to add it to your dashboard to start investing under it.

Here's how you can add goals to your dashboard:



Home page → Mutual Funds (either from the center of the screen or from the bottom tab) > Select the plus icon (+) > select the category > select the preferred Goal. 

Note: If you have not invested in Stocks & ETFs, then you will be on the Mutual Funds page by default.

You can add as many goals to your dashboard as you like. You can also add two of the same goals. For example, you have two children, you can add two Children Goals and rename them after each of them.

If you wish to Hide/Delete any goal, you can refer to this FAQ.