T-Pin is an extra authentication required to sell equities from a demat account if no physical POA (Power of Attorney) has been done provided by you. The T-Pin is needed to place the first sell order of the day for any equity which is lying in your demat account. The validity of T-Pin stays for a day and for any sell orders placed the next day, T-Pin will be required again.

T-Pin is generated by CDSL and is sent directly to you via email and SMS (once your account gets activated). You can generate a T-Pin while placing the sell order on the Niyo Money app also if you have forgotten your T-Pin.

On the first sell order from your demat account, you will see the below screen. If you remember your T-Pin, you can click on Authorise now. If you have forgotten the T-Pin, you can click on forgot, on clicking forgot, you will receive a new T-Pin through SMS and email from CDSL/edis/e-dis.

If you click on Authorise Now, this screen will appear and you need to enter your Tpin.