Here are the steps to update your bank details in your 5paisa Demat account:

Step 1. Login to 5Paisa's website: 
Login - 5Paisa

Step 2. Once logged in, go to your account settings (right menu):

Step 3. From the right menu, select Profile > My Profile > Bank details.

From the bank details tab, select Add Bank option

Step 4. Enter the new bank details and upload the bank proof: 

Once submitted, 5Paisa will verify your bank details and update them in their records (if verified). It will then also get updated on the Niyo Money app. (This entire process can take a few working days).

The new bank account that you have added becomes your primary account and the old bank account becomes the secondary account.

Once the new bank account gets updated on our app, you will get an option to choose which bank account you wish to use to fund your 5Paisa account. 

Any withdrawals you make will come to the primary bank account (the newly added one). 

Hope this helps :)