You can follow these simple steps: 

App: Home page → Menu (bottom right) > Mutual Funds > Rebalance Investments > Rebalance Portfolio. 

Website: Top Left Menu > Rebalance > Rebalance Portfolio.

Over there, you can click on the “see timeline” option for the rebalancing which is in progress, to check the exact status and further details.

Here we show you two things:

1. The timeline for rebalancing - This shows you the dates of the switch (if any), redemption, reinvestment, and also the date by which rebalancing will be completed.

You can refer to the reinvestment date to know when the bank will be sent the debit request. The bank will usually debit the amount on the same day, or the next working day (at max).

2. The transaction details - we show you the funds which have been redeemed from, the ones that will be reinvested in, etc along with their status (whether it's in progress or executed already). 

You can use these transaction details to cross-check details with your bank statement if you wish to do so to cross-check how much of the redemption money has already reached your account, or how much of the reinvestment amount is pending.