There can be several possible reasons why some/all of your portfolio may not have been tracked/imported.

A. If you have generated the statement from within our app:

1. The funds may not be reflecting in the statement that was shared. The missing folios/funds may be linked to some other email ID (than the one you generated for). You can try to generate the statement for any other email ids you may have. 

2. The funds may belong to a Mutual Fund company that we do not have a tie-up with yet. You can refer to this list of mutual fund companies we have a tie-up with, here

3. There may have been no attachment along with the email (the actual statement). This may have been forgotten to forward, or there may not be any funds linked to the email ID for which you generated the statement.

4. The funds reflecting in the statement may not be linked to your PAN (the email ID with which you generated the statement may be used for some other/multiple PANs)

B. If you generated the statement by yourself (for example from the CAMS or Karvy website) or from the website 

1. Your eCAS may be password-protected, and this password may be different from what we set it. Our system is programmed to either read an eCAS with no password or the password as “Niyo123”.

2. Your eCAS may be in a summary format. To track your external investments, we need information about all their transactions. The summarised version does not have it (only a detailed version has it).

3. The statement may not be from CAMS or KFintech (Karvy). Our system can only process statements from these two (and not CDSL, NSDL, etc.).

We recommend you generate the statement from our app (as the process is automated) as it can help avoid any of these errors.

You can refer to this FAQ for steps on how to correctly generate the statement