1. The most common reason for not seeing some investments is that the consolidated account statement (CAS) you forwarded to cas@goalwise.com did not have these folios mentioned/present in it. This, in turn, could happen due to 2 reasons:

a. The missing folios are not associated with the email ID that you entered for the CAS generation. If the folio(s) don't have the same email ID, it won't come in the CAS. If this is the case, we would recommend you go to the external investments screen again and enter the email ID that is associated with the missing folios and forward that to cas@goalwise.com too. You will then be able to see those investments on your Niyo Money dashboard.

b. Due to a bug in the CAMS/Karvy system, the folio is not present in the CAS. In this case, please do email the respective RTA (CAMS/Karvy) to raise a complaint.

2. The other reason for not seeing some investments in your external investments is because it belongs to a Mutual Fund company that we don't have in our database (because we have not partnered with them yet). You can check out all the Mutual Fund companies partnered with us here.

If neither of the above reasons is true in your case, please email us at care@niyomoney.com and we will look into the same.