Whenever you invest in mutual funds before the cut-off time, we send your investments for processing to the mutual fund companies on the same day. When you invest on a non-working day or after the cut-off time, these investment transactions get sent for processing the next working day. From then, it can take up to 3 to 5 working days for your dashboard to get updated. 

This is how long it usually takes mutual fund companies to send us all details (such as NAV, units, folio number, etc). As soon as we get such details, we update your dashboard and mark your transaction as executed. Until then we show it as "in progress".  

  • If the investment is made through Net banking or UPI - Upto 3 working days (after the date on which investment transactions are sent to mutual fund companies).

  • If the investment is made via Auto-debit (NACH or e-mandate) -  Upto 5 working days (after the date on which investment transactions are sent to mutual fund companies)

    Note 1: Often, such details get sent to us 1-2 days after the mutual fund companies send you an email/SMS confirmation. 

    Note 2Saturday, Sunday, and several holidays are considered non-business days for Mutual Fund Companies.

There are two non-business days coming up this week which can cause some delay in the investments getting processed, and the dashboard getting updated. Apart from Saturday and Sunday, these are non-working days for all Mutual Fund Schemes:

  • 4th November - Thursday - Diwali
  • 5th November - Friday - Diwali

We've made a table to help explain the dates by when you can expect the investments to get sent for processing and the dates by which the dashboard can be expected to be updated:

Note 3These are the cut off timings for Investment transactions:

12:30 pm - Liquid and Overnight funds

2 pm- All other funds such as Equity funds, Debt funds (except liquid & overnight), Hybrid funds, Solution-oriented funds, Other funds (such as index funds, gold funds, fund of funds, etc).

If you have redeemed (withdrawn) any money, then you can refer to this FAQ to understand the dates by when you can expect the amount to reach your bank account. 

You can read more about the new NAV allocation rules on our blog or this FAQ

Hope this helps :)